Quote: from: JollyGood on January 15, 2020, 09:58:07 PM In Sweden the gradual transition between using and not using cash has led to more people using debit/credit cards to make payments (and signing up to Swish) so has the window of opportunity been missed for crypto to have taken its place alongside the bank card and Swish payments in Sweden?
Consumers just aren’t demanding cryptocurrency payments (yet). They are demanding cashless and P2P payments. That’s why Swish caught on Sweden and why Zelle/Venmo are catching on in the US.
Banks and merchants will react to demand for cryptocurrency services when it actually emerges in a big way.* We’re going to see more partnerships like Flexa and Gemini, which allow instant payments via QR code at POS terminals, with instantaneous exchange conversion on the back end. This model allows consumer demand for cryptocurrency merchant acceptance to flourish without hindering merchants with unconfirmed transactions and expensive/complicated LN nodes.
Quote: from: JollyGood on January 15, 2020, 09:58:07 PM Without looking at crypto debit cards as an option because crypto such as BTC and ETH are converted to USD/GBP/EUR before being used for payments, what do you think could be done to help increase crypto usage in a near-cashless society such as Sweden using real-time P2P payments as envisioned by Satoshi?
Pre-mass adoption, cashless fiat and cryptocurrency mediums need to exist side by side. Merchants pay their supply lines, payrolls, etc. in fiat. Once we see supply lines and payrolls being paid in Bitcoin (this could take decades), cryptocurrency acceptance without conversion becomes possible.
*And I do think we’re seeing the beginnings of that. Not for nothing, Visa just acquired Plaid, a fintech company prominent in the crypto industry with clients such as Coinbase and Abra. The legacy dinosaurs are dipping their toes into the industry because they see the writing on the wall. Cryptocurrency adoption just hasn’t hit critical mass yet .

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